Blooze t'day

          The..Graizing pitch.. weed1,
                                                                     BATMUNBEGINNER - BellinHill mafia road old swinger finds ez rail beg in for mercy at 1st, stop durundndurund on him by the black coke ' for askin ez heat n message. Killer

 the blooze manual ( Captain Blooze )
                                                               1. the bluit.                                                                     Routey - 1, big man 2, whats that
                                                               2. the bullet                                                                    Routey by .3, excuse me      _happens    
                                                               3. these all make sense.                                                   
  Top BLOCKS Avurry                       4. ghostly  mouth
                                                               5.bully bib
  We can ut deliver                             6. bibs loose
                                        WEED THREW

  Nerce Hears Webisode 1

 Nerce hears a white BMW being driven down lane with no-brakepedal working and throws a band of school children across the roadway, with handbrake in use the driver doesn't swerve, but careers around a play the party.

 the Missing Knight - webisode 1
   Mrs  Knight,  had been hidden for a while. the school caretaker, was heard entering the corridor She herself was due to be on the M 1  cos the Driver was to reach ServiceStation now.
    Like Kaikekeeper ( off Japsquad ) she got behind one of the kids coats - she was busy checking out pockets in a routine check off canvas. The cloakrooms were'nt that bright and he trod by and left her leapout alive. She'd stole a pass key to avoid school, but didn't expect him, heh, it could of been suspenders for her or lengthy legs tomb eachday  anoarl.  pt1 1

Webisode 1, LeeAnnes Big Sister

Way fin inn was lonely till she arrived inn mussels caught a look heavy and this was a big sister at work takeing a beer or two the poundstretchers castration raged in the backround of hot old lewi the taylorfeet wiffin all the old guys fartin regular was her jail peace and now trending was her death sentence teacher .  LeeAnnesBigSister 1.

 Lee Annes Big Sister stirs her crazy.../LATES/BIN/NEWS/NEWS

webisode 1,LeeAnnes Big Sister
                                                                 LeeAnnes Big Sister blue and left Aunty t' slap my face go this made a gnarl furthermore the sendout eron spakshoots had gather at theh famous corner and even Mrs Knight forgot to go. The dry attempt catching the big sister awake with log tongue grew t today forecast. LeeAnne had discovered how to focus while she had been away and a new mrs Brians forced a Moon Lee dream which shot her out past goal was a dream

Webisode 1, LeeAnnes BigSister
                                                         LeeAnnes BigSister had to read before LeeAnne froze she'd started pattern 'n knobs and took to callecting, phones ect.Easily displayed by her leer now. Maskin frame was her main boil and boots took care of the BigSisters allie needing more bent over was a young pal who took glances she says and that    
Webisode 1, Princess Fairs webisoda
                                                         Princess Fair came in with a Blackberry, it was enough to chew shuh left happy. Happier now she threw up LeeAnne. Thats a BIGSISTER out she thinks,  Auntie runs out before LeeAnne caught Aa
                   The conspiracy un-ravels, the left LeeAnne with no  game to party. A BigSister had to repare. JokeingLee  Sue lets  go fun piracey and more in the next adventure  
Webisode 2, t'morrow  
                         Evans had kicked round the streets for long enough it took Struggsy to pull him through. All he achieved was sale with nurses at either side I said lets go. Can he hear?            

 Webisode 1, MRs Knight by night 
                                                             Mrs Knight had flown by to see sweety, the bugger of the devil tivvet noticed by an Alien led her t' panic seeing Stevie Go happy she made a signal he let out a cross section of jungle gossip which shrank Aliens nerve t' nervous system She needed to note and Stevie posted sevral when he got round home t' buggers. buying burger next night he made it clear he had to see her as she swade past hepulled at Aa she, marvelled by his behaivior takes him away. Where too next week.    

 . Rebs were big things. One posted  

> Corkers.,
> Taylormaidfeet TRIBUTE
> n'cover.Doubt. 

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