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%\Script%\freeflo.. the Filling Staion. Matt Mandungo, had lit up no-body left, this was unusual. He realized in time and  seperated it over the police wall they used for squatters. Max Time. There wern't any buddy's on only the gossip pace they all used to stay together in rally Rarguement knowing one cent hopefull

the Teacher Fill up... used adds cussion 
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Kiddies Careers


 REV2.. Playing with four players is good to rehearse with another in backed out stays around happy to ideal suit.
 At 8 its easy to enjoy this without bet. rules need explained first.  The Banks the game who has it wins at the end. Haveing pontoon wins it, findout what this is any picture card or a ten with ace thats it.
 Only two cards each, with the idea of winning by scoreing the max - 21.
In turn either twist ( take a card from dealer  ( the banker ) ) or stick if you can win with what you've got if you have under 17 you have to twist scoreing over 21 busts you ( cards thrown in )  game goes on by rounds eyes check who the winner is with fancy ace and 5 card trick play plus the pontoon genral eye.  banker always deals a bonus of being the bank 'n big shot is  in a draw with any of the others you raise one above by law to win.  Only a five card trick beats the bank but still doesn't take it, only pontoon does or can. If you get a pair of aces dealt you can play two hands in rule and score double chances at game. An ace can be used as eleven or one ( outside a pontoon. ) 
( a 5 card trick, 5 cards adding up to 21, or less and of couse beats 21 if played )
( each player takes his turn to full amount )

 VILE 8 Relay

Sue had to be rescued  I left with a 
the broken bones she got after ward
The court the police hired through hospital lodge promised further punishment should I see her at their feet.
otherwise things would be different
especially in that the two opperations they used to save her would never of been, ok.
no no divorces are not thy command fearer and the objections to me seeing her aren't Marys or Sues either oh play it out  d'rean.. will get t'yuz beforelong usual methods fear it out out of figures jesus 

 The think the can be friends when the have t'be in fothe cream.
 Not allowed in a pub
in the City.
Not allowed to wash.
Not allowed any services, includeing use of  bus even with ticket purchase.
Not allowed to place in with anything. see.
Not allowed a complaint panel.
 more sure after rest.
 Thuv got this idea im a kid, who's the hanger?

Bible Class 

 Kings.. Herod -  You have a devil don't you.
Kings.. Lest a man be FIRST that he be accepted into the family of Abraham, before he can enter the kingdom of heaven.
KINGS.. Then jesus was glorified first by Abraham, who said to him also go then and see your girls Abraham ran the market school, and it came to pass shortly after that Abraham went down in pen, then also died of death strange, but worse and unforgiveable they see as jesus spoke only good the girls known by Abraham don't want to see him. in Abrahams next life it'll need resolved for sense
  KINGS.. And jesus was also glorified by the people, and finally  by Bruce Lee, this is important. as we see
 KINGS.. In the olden days game that jesus is portraid by barrow meaning a lost sketch here check up. haveing come into damascus say, to team and finds Abrahams picture a re-union un fairly dis-missed beaton into he retires a shelf is then assembled which didn't seem fair, by the church of God in place of speechs since steve seen to it know point in being put out they're buying by fair n trade no speeches now the church is shut, by the anger of jeet this reeks has e shouts out and throws their barrows over now they forgot why,, what was the game deer pull an act, aw we are gettin it .. the crook. 
REVELATIONS.. After the crucifiction jesus meets martha and mary to, like the only girls in the world for rihanna to fear.
 REV2.. Robert meets jesus in seen
ACTS.. what goes round comes round
ACTS.. has Robert been struck with the holy spirit, we'll see in his family texts.
, Gar Jurrown. 

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